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16. November 2021
06. December 2021


Project goal
The goal of the project is to setup a driving station with the purpose of performing research on remote operated vehicles. The project should develop or determine a setup of testing tools that can be used to perform fault injection on the video stream and the control commands. This setup will then be used to perform tests on how remote operators can cope with different forms of connectivity disturbances.

In this project we are looking for two persons, one for the communication testing part, and one for the user experience part.

Remote operation of vehicles can be used for different purposes. Some potential use cases are:

  • Enable drivers to be physically located apart from the vehicle for more efficient fleet operation. Here the vehicle is still controlled in the traditional manner with the driver in full control, i.e., operates the steering, braking and acceleration.
  • Remote assist for automated vehicles with limitations in its operational design domain. That is the automated vehicle needs assist from a human operator to make some decisions or take over control to resolve specific situations.
  • When testing fully autonomous vehicles, there can be a need to be able to monitor and take control of the vehicle if needed. The monitoring can be performed by a remote operator though a driving station at another location

With remote driving, the operator will typically see the surroundings of the vehicle through a video stream from cameras around the vehicle. The driving station is apart from the screen also equipped with a steering wheel and pedals giving the remote operator as realistic environment as possible. To guarantee required video quality and required ability to control the vehicle a reliable connection between the driving station and the vehicle is vital.

The thesis is performed in cooperation with the two units at RISE:
Dependable Transport System unit at RISE, where safety and security of automated driving is one of the ongoing areas of research. Other research areas of the group range from road vehicles to railway systems, maritime transportation, and cybersecurity.

Safe Control System unit of RISE, where autonomous driving is one of the ongoing areas of research. Other work areas of the group range from roadside vehicles to safety of machinery, medical device software, control systems, cybersecurity, taximeters, and different types of alarms. The group is also accredited to perform certification of standards in the above-mentioned areas.

Thesis Description
The purpose of the project is to set up a driving station that can be used to control a vehicle remotely. The first part of the thesis should focus on setting up the station, establishing a stable connection and making sure the vehicle is fully manoeuvrable. The driving station will consist of control equipment (steering wheel, joystick, and pedals), and equipment to present the surroundings of the vehicle in a realistic manner (screens and speakers). In this specific project, a radio-controlled toy car will be used as a demonstrator sending audio and video stream to the driving station and receiving control commands from the driving station.

The second part of the thesis should focus on developing and installing tools that can be used to inject errors in the communication between the vehicle and the driving station and analyse how this affects the manoeuvrability. The project should follow scientific methodology and should include a search and study of available communication fault injection tools and techniques. Installation and evaluation of open-source tools might be part of the project. Some use cases will be provided as examples for facilitating the evaluation.

Start Time: As soon as possible (December or January)
Scope: 30 hp for Masters or 15 hp for Bachelor (The scope can be adjusted depending on the size and duration of the thesis)
Location: RISE, Borås (part of the work can be performed remotely, but part of the work must also be performed on-site, e.g., setting up and using the control station)

Who are you?
In this project we are looking for two persons, one for the communication testing part, and one for the user experience part. For the communication testing part, you should have sound knowledge of programming, embedded systems and it is desirable if you have some experience from setting up data communication. Good writing and communication skills.

It’s also beneficial if you have some experience or knowledge in:

  • Linux
  • Video Streaming
  • Different Operating Systems
  • Networking and Network Protocols
  • Error injection

For the user experience part, you should have the ability to analyse and document the relationship between technology and psychology. You should be able to analyse driving scenarios and select appropriate tests to run to determine thresholds of the technology as well as of the human system. You should also be able to find out how humans can handle and perceive different types of disturbances in the communication and video stream.

Welcome with your application!
If any of this sounds interesting and you would like to know more, please contact Ted Strandberg +46 10 516 60 93, Fredrik Warg +46 10 516 54 12 or Martin Skoglund +46 70 514 59 49. Your application should include CV and a brief personal letter. Candidates are encouraged to send in their application as soon as possible but at the latest on 7th of December 2021. Suitable applicants will be interviewed as applications are received.

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