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Offshore Job Advertising Solution


Increase your volume of applications and unique users through our Offshore Job Advertising Solution. Let an expert manage your job marketing and save you time and effort.


Search Engine Optimization

All ads and every single page are Search Engine Optimized by our team of experts.


Targeting ensures that only potential applicants respond to the job listings. 


Remarketing ensures users are tracked and will be continuously revisited by the jobs they have clicked on.

Ad Optimization

Adwords and Dynamic ads are also optimized for marketing, and we create several variants to see what makes users respond better.

Self Serve Platform

Access a free light HR-tool, to help with the administration of your candidates, applications, and job listings.

CV Match

Match candidate profiles with your job listings requirements, increasing responses, and quality.

Data-Driven Job Marketing

Increase the volume of applications and unique users through our marketing platform. Let one of our experts manage you r job marketing.

Data-driven decision making will ensure an increase in your marketing results. Offshore Nordic has ad listings published on numerous Partner Sites, Social Media, Search Engines, and Display ads on premium websites, Mainstream Media, News outlets, blogs, and more.


We use an adept marketing mix based on solid experience and best- practice, as well as data driven segmentation. Thus tracking, analyzing and applying all relevant information about customer’s demographic profile and behaviour on the Web.

Our return on investment is usually 3 to 5 fold, and we aim to maximize the reach of your job posting to ensure as many potential candidates see it as possible. 

Results differ depending on the medium used, but the qualified leads you’ll get are much higher than normal, so with better candidates come better results

Profiles Engaged On Average


Average Improved Exposure


Increased Applications On Average

Recruiter FAQ

Got a question about offshore recruitment? How our system works? How to find candidates? 

Well then, look no further, if you don’t find your answer in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, feel free to reach out via our contact form.

How much does it cost to post a job listing?

There are two types of job listings for offshore roles, standard and the premium option.

Standard Job Listings cost €333 – ex. VAT

+Listings cost €555 – ex. VAT (3 times more successful on average)

What payment methods are accepted?

There are two types of job listings for offshore roles, standard and the premium option.

Standard Job Listings cost €333 – ex. VAT

+Listings cost €555 – ex. VAT (3 times more successful on average)

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept online payments through Stripe (card) or PayPal.

Do you have any direct competitors?

No, we are the only offshore work portal of our kind, there are news websites, and other job panels, but none that have our level of functionality, results, and volume of roles available.

What features are included for recruiters?

Employer Panel, Statistics, Self Administration, Online Purchase, Free HR Tool, Overview and Communication with Applicants, Direct Messaging with Candidates.

In addition, rich content options for promotional content, such as PDFs, slides, and videos.

Where are my job listings posted and seen?

Offshore is constantly running ad campaigns on thousands of websites, blogs, premium sites, and news sites. In addition, we include Mobile Apps, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. 

This ensures your posting can be seen by a wide range of people and increases your odds of getting high quality candidates.

What languages do you operate in?

English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

What format are jobs posted in?

Our ads will be posted in standard HTML Rich Text, this means we can copy & paste from Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Apple Pages, and other text editors.

Can I see which candidate profiles have visited my listing?

No, but we can give you live statistics from Google Analytics, which are viewable in the Recruiter Dashboard, these give you advanced metrics on your postings.

Do recruitment agents and job bureaus use the site?

Yes, our portal can be used by everyone and a standard, the only difference is that agencies get CV access and bulk discounts. But our portal is designed to be used by any size of client and/or recruiter for offshore roles.



Do you have any direct competitors?

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