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Offshore Career Tips

Tailor Your Offshore CV/Resume

The majority of offshore job roles will want you to submit your work history in the form of a resume or CV, even if you have one already, you want to tailor it and focus on any experience that is related to offshore work. This could be manual labor roles, or technical positions that indirectly relate.

Check the Offshore Job Description and Requirements

One of the main reasons people do not hear back from their applications is because they haven’t properly read the offshore job requirements or description.

Apply for More Than One Role

As with an industry, you always want to apply for more than one position as the job market can be tough, especially for positions that may require less experience or training. It can take a few applications with different companies and roles to land your offshore job.

Don’t expect to get a job straightaway or even from your first few applications, keep appyling, as with any positions, its a numbers game, in short, the more you apply to, the more you’ll hear back from.

Do Your Research

Having a broad understanding of the companies and roles you are applying for is vital to succeeding in the application process and increase your likelihood of securing an offshore job.

Doing some research can help you edit and improve your offshore job CV, cover letter, and application. In addition, you can take notes so when it comes to an interview you have some responses to potential questions they may ask.

Making the effort to learn about the offshore company shows you are interested in working for them and doing the role, it can give you an advantage over other candidates.

Speak to Your Network

A great idea if you are looking at applying for a job in the offshore industry is to reach out to your network, if you know anyone working offshore, regardless of what area they work in, it’s worth reaching out.

Speaking to your contact can give you insight, information, and tips about jobs offshore and maybe even improve your chances of getting a job or interview. Even if you don’t know someone, ask around, your friends, family, or colleagues may know someone they can get you in touch with.

Chase Up Offshore Job Applications

Sending off a load of applications and forgetting about them is not the way to get an offshore job, you want to follow up on your applications. 

Reaching out to the HR professional, hiring manager, or contact to check on the status, if done from a position of interest not annoyance can show you are passionate about the role.

Promote Your Skills and Ethic

Once you get an offshore job interview you want to sell yourself and show the interviewers that you are willing to work hard and put in the effort. You can do this in a range of ways, from being prepared, asking questions, or giving examples from your personal or professional life.

The offshore hiring managers are looking for a certain type of person, especially with entry level positions because they have less experience to base your perfomance off of.

Get More Offshore Experience

If you’re not having much luck with your applications, it’s sometimes a good idea to get a little bit more relevant onshore experience, from gaining skills and training on similar or desired areas of work to improve your CV, to doing training courses.

There’s a few options you can do to improve your chances of getting an interview and in turn a job offshore, don’t get disheartened.

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