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Offshore workforce recruitment

How The Offshore Job Advertising Solution Works

Here’s an overlook of our Offshore Job Advertising Solution and Marketing Services.
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Marketing for Offshore Employers

If you’re looking for a way to ensure you get the best candidates for your offshore roles, you’ve come to the right place. We are an industry leader in offshore jobs and helping both candidates find roles and employers fill them.

We are a multichannel marketing platform for job-listings, with emphasis on the growing mobile user base, aimed to help connect high quality offshore candidates with your company and fill your vacancies.

Finding Offshore Talent

We can help you in a range of areas with different marketing techniques to ensure you get who you need when you need them.

With our large platform, industry knowledge, and diverse marketing and advertising expertise, we can get you new offshore talent easily.

Some examples of how we can narrow down your search:

  • Users have shown interest in subjects surrounding the job-description
  • Users are demographically relevant
  • Users have the correct language skills
  • Users that apply, have the right skill-set, certificates and other wanted requirements

Offshore.work is focused on helping connect talent with employers and we provide exactly that, no clickbait, no nonsense, just results.

Users know exactly what they press one of our advertisements. There is zero clickbait, because we love our candidates as much as our employers, we are here to help both parties succeed and get results. 

As our platform is focused on connecting the users candidates and employers, users experience zero external ‘media-noise’ so they will only find relevant content.

Our Network and Partners

We aim to make the search for offshore work as easy for both parties as we can, with this in mind we’ve developed an extensive network and partner list to allow us to maximize your results.

Here’s just some of the ways we can help you on your candidate search:

Local Offshore Job Portals – Jobs are posted and shared with local job portals in the relevant region allowing you to access the specific regional workers you need with ease.

Social Media – We utilize various social media platforms to make sure your jobs are shared and promoted, 3 to 4 times.

Extended Reach – Your offshore jobs are promoted on thousands of websites, apps, portals, blogs, video content sites etc.. to significantly increase your reach and potential applicants.

Advanced Targeting – Whenever a user visits your offshore job listing, we can use targeting and remarketing so they will be reminded and exposed to the same offshore job several times. Regardless of what media they are on, they will see the posting.


Multichannel Marketing – Offshore positions are promoted on a premium multichannel marketing platform that gives users the option to apply via various channels. Ultimately their application reaches your inbox in one way or another, this flexibility gives much better results.

Analysis and Analytics – Jobs are monitored and analysed by humans and quantified by robots. To keep track of your postings, you can always see your live analytics on your employer profile.

Organic and Promoted Job Listings

Offshore.work has a wide pool of candidates with around 180,000 users and approximately 60,000 monthly, so we can get your offshore roles seen by a lot of potential workers.

Using a mix of organic and promoted listings we can give you peace of mind that you will find high quality applicants for your offshore jobs and vacancies. 

All of the jobs on our platform are marketed on various social media, news media, portals, blogs, apps, and much more to ensure your posting is seen by a wide audience of interested applicants.

We will also have incentives for organic shares, where candidates will be rewarded if they recommend job listings to their social media friends.

 So whether you are using organic or promoted listings, your job will be seen. With this being said however.

VIP Jobs are between 4 to 10 times more effective in comparison to standard ads and when they cost double the regular ads, the results speak for themselves.

Offshore CV Match

Our website creates an easy and accessible meeting place for candidates and companies, which makes the hiring process much simpler for everyone.

We aim to match offshore applicants with prominent companies and organizations, so whether you’re an offshore jobseeker or promoting a job listing, we’re here to help you.

With our CV / resume match features we can make sure you find who you’re looking for and filter out whatever doesn’t match your criteria.


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