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offshore job advertising

Solution to Job


Offshore job advertising solution and CV target marketing services. How Offshore jobs get advertised and workforce gets engaged.


Jobs are targeted in a variety of ways on various advertisement platforms, such as Google Search an Display Ads, All popular Social Media’s, and our partner sites.


  • automatically target your jobs to the specifical information in each job listing.
  • Users are individually targeted Demographically and according to they’re Public Online Profile.
  • We make sure that individuals that geographically have the possibility to attend the job, and secondly the Users Behaviour Metrix – what the like, follow , comment, etc..


Applicants, often need to visit a job-listing several times before applying, due to research reasons and content contemplation. So we make sure your job pops up almost anywhere and everywhere, the candidate is online.


  • Offshorenordic.com scripts and tracking pixels make sure we re-connect with each individual, across devices and media channels online. 
  • If a candidate has shown interest in a particular job, we aid the individual my remembering them of the job and application deadline.

Ad Optimization

Our ads across multiple platforms and media outlets, such as Youtube, Google, Googe Jobs, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram. Are our main focus, although all search engines pick up our job-listings.


  • Jobs are automatically posted on Social Media, Google Jobs, and Partner Sites.
  • Specific ads are created manually by our higly skilled workforce
  • A Partner Manager makes sure all jobs are performing as per our high standard.

Mobile Native & Multi-Platform Optimized

Jobs at offshorenordic.com, are everywhere it matters, and can reach the individual on any device that’s connected to the internet, and where our ad networks are shown. Therefor we have partnered with the best.


  • We track the user on all they’re smart-devices, websites visits and social media.
  • Every user that click one of our ads, or has organically reached any job-listing, gets the full exposure of our Re-Marketing.
  • Jobs can be saved, shared and applied on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Jobs can also be created and administered on mobile, although we recommend a desktop for job creation.

Offshore Nordic CV Match

This is both an automated process yet also emphasized on manual analysis and optimization. Candidates can create alerts in any given job category, so they automatically get the jobs in they’re inbox.


  • Our HR-Assistants manually activate candidates through they’re profile on offshorenordic.com and social media.
  • Shortlist can also be created of 4 motivated candidates for each job at a service fee.

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