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14. September 2021
4. October 2021
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eeSea is aiming to disrupt the global container shipping industry
Headquartered in Copenhagen, eeSea is a well-established maritime and supply chain intelligence start-up, offering unbiased visibility and predictive analysis for the global container shipping industry. Our vision is to become the central scheduling platform for the entire trillion-dollar industry.
eeSea delivers data at an aggregated or granular level, through customized dashboards, downloads or API, combining multiple data sources, historical statistics, and elements of machine learning and AI. We serve clients across the entire massive, complex, and largely fragmented maritime industry, who use eeSea for tasks ranging from high level industry analysis and benchmarking, investment proposals, contract negotiations, supply chain planning, asset optimization, down to daily port operations or vessel and cargo forecasting.
The founding member of our team has extensive experience in this massive industry and we are supported by senior industry figures and successful entrepreneurs, providing us with a breadth of experience, know-how, and a clear direction for further scaling the business.
The team currently consists of the founder/CEO, our head of development, our research & industry analysis team, as well as our business development manager. We have big plans for our product, and are therefore looking for a capable and experienced Laravel Developer to join the team and tackle the extensive roadmap.
Job Description – you will help us build a stellar SaaS platform
The first phase of our platform was launched in 2017, mapping the global container liner networks. Since then we’ve added 7,000 vessels, geo-locational data, several external input sources, and built an extensive historical stats base and a first version of our predictive algorithm. We are now building the next phase, which tracks and predicts vessel and cargo arrivals globally - assisting ports in optimizing their terminal assets, and cargo owners in optimizing their supply chains. It’s a work in progress, but we have paying and waiting customers, expecting us to continue developing features and our accuracy.
This is a big data play, where numerous sources of data are collected, cleaned and combined through an in-house algorithm, to provide proactive, real-time updates to these customers. The algorithm is a constantly evolving engine, and the robustness and output of that and the overall platform is crucial.
You will be working on a platform with a strong and clean code base and the ground laid for further development. However, you will help take it to the next level by, among other things, building the algorithm at its heart and making the back-end and front-end scalable.
While you’re expected to be broadly founded technically, our app platform is currently built primarily using the TALL stack (TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel and Livewire) and backed by a cloud based MySQL database although there are elements of Vue as well. You’re likely to be strongest on the back-end yourself, and may also have experience with data scrapers and APIs. If you have worked with the TALL stack it’s a significant plus.
You’ll work closely with the lead developer, the CEO and the rest of our small team.
Your primary tasks will be to:
Design and develop clean, test-proven, and easy-to-maintain code following industry best practices.
Identify, dissect, and resolve problems reported on Github.
Implement automation algorithms that will increase our overall efficiency.
Build data integrations - scrapers, APIs.
As a person you:
Enjoy – and even look for - the challenge of building and growing a platform, instead of just keeping a static application running.
Take pride in writing beautiful, clean code that scales.
Have significant hands-on coding experience with at least PHP, Laravel, MySQL (and/or non-relational databases). You can find our entire stack at https://stackshare.io/eesea/enigma the more of it you can work with from day one, the better.
Combine big picture coding experience with an unapologetic focus on quality and the nitty-gritty details.
Are a proficient communicator. While you love your code, you still have to explain it to the rest of the team, and receive input. Clear, direct talk and negotiation - but also compromise - are important in our small team.
Are proactive, self-driven, and able to thrive in a fast-moving startup environment.
Take ownership; when a task or an area of responsibility resides with you, it will be driven to completion, on time and to high quality.
Think long term, but with a bias towards getting stuff done now.
Are structured, focused, and able to keep to task lists and timelines.
Communicate fluently and effectively in English, internally and with external partners. In fact, speaking Danish is not a requirement in this job.
Are committed to the job and the growth opportunity in a startup.
Enjoy working as part of a team, with the smiles, grudges, chaos, frustrations, laughter, and good people that come along with the experience.
What do you get out of it?
Do you dread the heavy corporate structure and boring work routines of large companies? We are a growing start-up company, so expect none of that. We offer you an exciting position within a small company with ample opportunity for growth and professional development, where routines do not exist and where we are flexible and passionate about what we do.
We believe in and commit to working closely with and coaching our new team members, so you will need to learn and teach at the same time. Passion is non-negotiable; you provide energy and drive, and love what you do. Your immediate report, the lead developer, offers both coding and business experience, as well as a firm scientific foundation - so you will be able to learn from each other.
The Laravel Developer position is full-time and offers a competitive, market-aligned salary, based on experience and fit.
Another benefit to working in a small team is that you’ll be able to pick your working hours flexibly and make them work for your routine. All required hardware and equipment is of course provided, and you are welcome to work from outside of the office within reason. You’ll find our office at a central location in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.
We have ambitious dreams to change the container shipping industry fundamentally, but also immediate and realistic targets to grow our company aggressively, while enjoying the ride.
Join us on our journey?
Application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please send in yours as soon as possible.
If you are interested, please send your CV, along with a short note about why and how you fit the above profile.

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