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8. April 2022
28. April 2022
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Open job vacancy as Environmental Officers onboard Costa cruise ships.
Costa is the largest Italian travel group and the European number one cruise operator. As one of the only cruise companies sailing the Italian flag, Costa is a proud ambassador of Italian values in the world and of representing Italy along it's itineraries. The Costa Group, that includes the Costa Crociere and Aida Cruises brands, is integral part of Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s biggest cruise operator. With 28 ships on service and 85'000 available beds offered, company is headquartered in Genoa (Italy) and sail to more than 250 destinations worldwide.
Costa consists of a valued diverse global community of more than 20,000 people representing 70 different countries and cultures. People at Costa are characterized by rich diversity in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism and skills; we respect and leverage the diversity of ideas and different world perspectives that help enhance the quality of the service for our Guests.Costa sees your career as an exploration of your potential. Embark on your career journey where you explore your talents and skills, and see each accomplishment as a beginning for your next experience.
Responsibilities and Tasks
The Environmental Officer is assigned a compliance role only and oversees the ship’s environmental compliance activities with relevant maritime environmental legislation and Company procedure; he/she has no operational responsibilities and is a non-watch standing officer.
Duties include (but are not limited to):
Reports directly to the Master
Oversees the Environmental Compliance of the ship
Uses a direct line of communication with the Director Environmental (OLCM)
Periodically checks that the ship fully complies with the procedures of Carnival Global HESS-MS
Has unrestricted access to all areas onboard, unless otherwise precised in ENV1008
Carries out his activities according to the ENV1008, among this, on a constant basis:
Reports about environmental management and performance on board
Gives his assistance to internal and external auditor during environmental audits
Gives his support to all crewmembers in finding a solution to environmental related problems
Verifies that all types of waste, may they be liquid or solid, are properly segregated, managed and labelled until their landing, according to applicable laws and Carnival procedures
Conducts regular rounds, including Engine Spaces, Garbage Handling and food preparation areas
Is responsible to periodically check environmentally relevant Log Books to guarantee their compliance, in accordance to ENV1008
Is responsible to carry out Environmental trainings to all personnel on board, according to Company procedures.
Is responsible for completing and keeping the records of all the environmental training
Takes part to periodic meetings at the presence of the Captain and the other Heads of Department to discuss environmental issues
Guarantees the correct sampling of waste waters and other types of waste according to the agreed sampling protocols or as required. He is also responsible to archive and distribute onboard the sampling results received from the shore side offices
Checks that the Captain is promptly and properly informed about environmental incidents and that all incidents are notified to Shore side offices and relevant Authorities (local, state, federal, international) as applicable and as instructed
Submits reports on Environmental incidents and checks the correct follow-up and update of environmental incident reports created with the IT systems on board
Is the appointed liaison between the ship and shore side offices for all environmental related issues
Is responsible to send to the relevant shore side office the monthly environmental data according to the agreed procedure and timing
Assists the Captain and the Environmental Director to answer questions or complaints from guests or crewmembers about alleged environmental misbehaviours
Is responsible to spot check on external contractors working on board, in context of relevant environmental issues and checks records of instructions given to them
Is responsible to monitor the follow up of environmental findings
Is responsible to keep ship specific Environmental documents up to date
Safety Duties:
Facilitate a work environment that supports a successful safety culture. Is responsible for ensuring that his/her team implements and maintains an effective Hess management system.
Enforce and promote Safety procedures in the team/Department under responsibility
See procedure ENV 1008 and POL 1010 (ECP) for detailed list of tasks and responsibilities and further guideline
Qualifications and competence
Engine Officer license and/or an environmental/science-based bachelor’s degree or higher. Successful completion of the annual Corporate Environmental Officer training.
First proven experience in the area of technical, organizational, or environmental protection preferably in the marine or shipping industry.
Crowd and Crisis Management
CoP Security Awareness STCW A-VI/6-1
Basic Training Certificates as per STCW standard
Covid 19 Certificate
Health certificate
Professional skills
Competency/ Knowledge in Environmental Management (waste streams and processes, basics of sustainability, etc.)
High result orientation and decision making
Ability to work under pressure and emotional stability
Ability to cooperate & willingness to change
Good quality of work results
Good administrative skills and ability to prioritize
Good computer knowledge (MS-Office, Internet and Lotus Notes)
Language skills
English skills verbal and written (C1)
Information about the jobType of contract: Temporary / PermanentHow to apply for the jobRegister your profile with OSM Recruitment tool on https://jobs.osm.no/jobs
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