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12. May 2022
11. June 2022
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Engineering Manager

Keep it simple - Make it happen - Improve together

CheckProof it!

CheckProof is a software application designed to facilitate day-to-day work in the heavy industry and to help raise standards across organizations. Our user-friendly app makes it easier to follow routines and enables faster, more accurate reporting and data collection for frontline teams.

CheckProof's taking the lead in digital workflows to support successful and sustainable companies world wide. Some of our customers are Skanska, Peab Industri, FLSmidth, HeidelbergCement,Cemex, and Granitor.


See a short story about us and our product.

The Opportunity

At CheckProof you get the chance to be a part of a journey in an exciting industry in preventive maintenance, quality, health, and safety. Right now we looking for a driven engineering manager that is passionate about the latest tech and optimum development solutions for a meaningful product/service that makes a difference. At CheckProof, you will get the opportunity to develop in an encouraging environment with support from your team.

"Make it happen" & "Improve together", we are looking for you with a high problem-solving ability who have an enthusiastic, proactive mindset with strong communication skills. Our image of you is that you are a driven leader. Join us!

The Challenge

As the engineering manager at CheckProof, you’ll be the main responsible for project delivery in a quality and timely manner. We have a very strong technical team working side by side with the product owners and designers in a stable pace of bi-weekly releases, including new exciting features, bug fixes, enhancements, and proofs of concept.

You’ll be project leading and have line management responsibility for the Tech team, overseeing the technical direction of the app components together with your team, making decisions along the way regarding tools/frameworks/tech stacks/libraries, as well as evaluating the accuracy and consistency of the team with the big picture perspective in mind. You’ll be a part of company managment team and plan the overall product roadmap and strategies.

From a more specific point of view, you need to have an understanding of both front- and backend technologies, as well as infrastructure and devops overview. While we do have experts on each side, you’ll be a decision-maker and a reference point for all of them.

The Team

You will be manageing the team in Stockholm and our offshore teams. The teams consist of total 11 people (5 highly skilled people, dev & devops in Stockholm and 6 senior developers located offshore.)


The team consists of both onsite and remote members. There are 4 SR developers and 1 DevOps engineer located in the Stockholm area, and 6 off-shore developers, split between sub-contractor companies.

You’ll be the manager responsible for all of them, follow-up, keep track of their performance, progress and achievements.

What We Offer

An important role in a fast-growing, early-stage company with ambitions to go global quickly. We are open to flexible working hours and the opportunity to work part-time from home. You decide on your own equipment. There is also the opportunity for skills development during working hours, such as meetups, tech conferences, online courses, or anything you are interested in. As an engineering manager, you will have support from Granitor Business school to improve your leadership and teambuilding skills.

Our Tech Stack

The platform consists of a mobile hybrid app (both Android and iOS), a web-based admin panel, a monolithic API which is currently being split into several micro-services in a Kubernetes cluster.

The API is built in PHP/Laravel. Provides JSON REST endpoints for different frontend clients. Microservices are either based on PHP/Lumen or Java/Spring Boot. Redis supports both cache and event-driven communication. Kong is used as our API Gateway. Databases and storages are PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Amazon S3. Frontend clients are based on Javascript/Typescript, using Angular, Ionic (Capacitor), and an Emberjs legacy app.


All these skills are high-level definitions and guidelines for the role we’re looking for.

  • Management experience, leading teams, coaching individuals, career advise and follow-up, capacity planning. Goals setup, action items planning and skills evaluations
  • Backend experience in, at least, one of the following techs: PHP, Java, Javascript
  • Best Practices in terms of code style, SOLID, DRY, etc
  • Architecture experience enterprise level, scalability, performance, documentation, micro-service orientation
  • Infrastructure / Devops knowledge about cloud hosting, virtualisation, CI/CD
  • Agile experience, especially in SCRUM processes, and multiple PODs. Product follow-up, understanding priorities, use cases, and backlog health

Nice to have

Experience in the following fields is beneficial but not a requirement.

  • DevOps, Serverless, K8s + Helm rollout
  • SQL (PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB),
  • Paradigms, OOP, patterns, event-driven architecture
  • API, GraphQL and API standardization
  • SSO, SAML2
  • Distributed Processing
  • Big data, lake, pipelines, visualization
  • Javascript, TypeScript, Angular and hybrid frameworks
  • Algorithms performance, optimization, code quality (including algorithm and cyclomatic complexity), continuous refactoring
  • ISO 27001, GDPR or other standards/certifications


Why us?

CheckProof is a scale-up company that works closely in teams. For us, the right skill set is just as important as sharing our values and corporate culture. Our workplace is characterized by high ambitions, humor, and openness. We offer you a wonderful and fast-growing team with colleagues in different parts of the world, of different ages - united by a strong driving force. We have flexible working hours with the possibility to partially work remotely, and offer wellness grants, option programs, and plenty of room for personal development and growth.

Join our Journey!

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