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3. May 2021
23. May 2021


Assignment Description

  • Planning and engineering drilling operations in order to achieve technical objectives in safe, efficient and cost effective manner
  • Preparation of the Basis of Well Design and Drilling design documentation
  • Supporting blowout potential and relief well planning
  • Supporting the consent and discharge permit application processes
  • Preparation of Drilling Programs and Detailed Operational Procedures including all information as specified in Company procedures
  • Preparation of detailed casing design, casing seat selection, kick tolerance calculations
  • Torque and Drag, Swab and Surge, Casing Wear modeling
  • Assessment of well construction related risks and proposal of mitigations
  • Preparation of budgetary and AFE timing and costs based on historical performances (deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Assistance and verification of preparation of call offs for required materials and services according to the program and contracts
  • Monitoring and follow up on the well execution process
  • Making recommendation when drilling problem occurs
  • Recommendation of changes to drilling program (if necessary) to improve drilling and completion methods, techniques
  • Tracking and benchmarking drilling performance and costs
  • Preparation of End of Well Reports, ensuring that best practices and lessons learned are captured, shared, documented and followed up
  • Carrying out special studies and reports on any aspects of drilling and completion operations as required
  • Providing digital data useful to follow up well operations and produce well profile print-outs and overpressure study. To critically study these data, detect anomalies and propose corrective actions if needed
  • Assisting in the preparation and evaluation of tenders
  • Assisting rig site operations for specific jobs
  • Ensuring the application of new drilling technologies
  • Ensuring the application of VE Policy and NCS regulations & rules

Qualifications Required

  • Master/Bachelor in Engineering or relevant subjects
  • 5 + years in similar position
  • Drilling Planning & Activities: Subsea well head system & dual activity rig, Horizontal Drlg, Drilling Operations, Dril.Fluids & Cement & Cem.Op.Design/Operat., field experience, Risk analysis
  • Standards: Experience of design and operations under prevailing Norwegian standards and particularly NORSOK D010, D01, M01, OLF017
  • Advanced Drilling: Lean & Extreme Lean Profile, Geosteering, Multilateral wells
  • High Profile Drilling: Extended Reach Drilling, Hp/Ht Drilling, Wellbore Stability/Sand Production/Prediction & Control
  • Software: Landmark Drilling Suite (Compass, Stress Check, Well Plan, Casing Wear), Peloton WellView, iQx, WellBarrier

ASAP - 01.05.2023

Location Forus, Stavanger

Pablo Tveita

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