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15. September 2021
5. October 2021
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Are you finishing your Master’s degree in technology, IT, economics or law next year? Or have you recently graduated and want to work in an international and exciting industry? Apply to the Maritime Trainee program today!
We are now recruiting new talents. Maritime Trainee group 15 will start in August 2022. Application deadline is October 15th.
For additional information about the program, participating companies and their specific needs, and to apply for a position in the program, see: www.maritimetrainee.no.
Maritime Trainee is one of the leading management trainee programs in Norway. It is organized for the industry by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. The program lasts for 18 months and combines working in a world leading maritime company with an academic program consisting of five modules in Norway, Singapore and London. This is an outstanding way to start a career in a global industry where Norway is one of the leading nations.
The Maritime Trainee program seeks to give each trainee a basic understanding so that he/she becomes capable of mastering numerous functions within the maritime industry at an early stage of the career.
As a Maritime Trainee, you are employed by one company. Depending on the company you work for, you may rotate between different departments within the company and you will get basic training and introduction to the company's overall operations. This could also include deployment abroad. You will be appointed a mentor that will support you through the beginning of your career. As a Maritime Trainee, you will expand your network and become a part of an Alumni-network, consisting of more than 240 previous maritime trainees.
Over 70 percent of Norway's exports are based on ocean activities. Maritime operations are central to develop these resources. During the academic program, you will learn more about the current trends that are changing the industry.
Since 2005, more than 50 companies in the maritime industry has taken part in the program. These include ship owners and operators, shipyards, design companies, maritime equipment manufacturers, oil rig companies, classification societies, law firms, banks and ship brokers.
The Maritime Trainee program is aimed at students with a Master's degree in economics, IT, engineering or law, but other candidates are also welcome to apply. Candidates can have a maximum of two years of work experience after completing their studies.
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