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12. January 2021
01. February 2021


Assignment Description: Follow up suppliers where MC/FAT is to be carried outEnsure preperation of interface documentation with clear targets for package delivery. Packages must match the PCS structure for completion and handoverFollow-up of all Process Control Safety Systems / Safety and Automation Systems (PCSS/SAS)Update and implement procedures and testingReview, approve and prepare all Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for implementation in accordance with requirementsReview work scope to establish system completion proceduresApprove established Multi-Discipline Packages / Field Check Packages / Engineering Work Packages (MDP/FCP/EWP)Generate reports in PCS to verify correct system links for establishing completion proceduresFollow-up of documents in ProArcImplementation and start-up activities for equipment and handover to operationUpdate the system in accordance with procedures and plansFormally handover all systems and areas to the client and ensure that outstanding work is identified and prepared for completionReport to the completion responsible / project managementCollaboration with the respective project disciplines, completion and field personnel offshoreEnsure that RFCC/RFOC is established with the correct links before completion commences Qualifications Required: Relevant formal higher education (i.e. process/electrical/automation). Long and relevant experience from coordinating/supervise commissioning activities within the white trades can compensate for lack of formal educationMin. 5 years experience within relevant disciplineHave the ability to work independently and in a teamProactive and focused on safetyFamiliar with prevailing regulationsConcerned in multidiscipline problemsRelevant systems: IFS, ProArcExcellent written and verbal communication skills, both Norwegian and English Personal qualities Management skillsGood communication skillsHave the ability to work independently and in a team, to be proactive and focused on safetyConcerned in multidiscipline problems Duration: 18.01.2021 - 31.12.2021 Location: Stavanger
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